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Epic Glass Tinting is a world-class leader in high-end glass coatings. Expert installation in architectural, decorative, graffiti abatement, safety, security mitigation, and solar control. Our philosophy is to maintain a reduced carbon footprint.

Four Reasons Why To Go With Epic Glass Tinting:


1Epic Glass Tinting uses high performance films that is the premium in the window film industry, the perfect choice for automotive, commercial and residential window film treatments. We use high-end glass coatings such as Solar Gard, Armorcoat and GraffitiGard.


2Epic Glass Tinting’s status as one of the nation’s top contractors is a testament as to how far it has come from its humble beginnings. Founded in 1986, the company operates as a family-owned business and caters to the glazing industry needs throughout the United States and the World.


3Our philosophy is to maintain a reduced carbon footprint. By using our window films we can reduce the temperature and protect your furniture and belongings from the damaging UV rays from the Sun. By reducing the temperature within your home or office, we can lower your electricity costs.

Security & Safety

4Epic Glass Tinting provides the very best in safety and security films and anchoring restraint systems. Protect and keep your place safe from earthquakes, terrorism and crime.