Commercial Window Tinting at the Maya Hotel Long Beach, California

Commercial Window Tinting

Hotel Maya a DoubleTree by Hilton in Long Beach, California, facing the iconic Queen Mary. The glare and heat issue problem was so bad that the employees in the restaurant complaints were going unnoticed to management. Hotel guests were stating to the employees that if this problem was not resolved, then they will stay at another hotel.

The room faces the early morning easterly exposure right on the waterfront. The glare was so intense that some of the employees were forced to wear sun glasses, but were told by their supervisors to remove them immediately. However, when the hotel guests were stating the same complaints to management, that’s when the issue went straight to the owner.

After a competitive careful bid-scope selection, EPIC Glass Tinting was awarded the contract. The brand selected was Solargard TrueVue 15 ps dual reflective. Total Solar Energy Rejected 80%. The film selection was critical because the glass is a dual pane sliding retractable expensive glazing system. The wrong film selection will cause seal failure and glass breakage due to excessive absorptance.

The units measured out each at 55 square feet on the uppers and 10 square feet on the lowers. The end result is that the employees and the guests were ecstatic throughout the installation process during operational hours. We passed a perfect punch list and the client will be reimbursed approximately $1.35 per square foot thru their utility provider SCE plus any tax credits that are applicable and most importantly they will have happy returning customers.   California Contractor License 980257  (831) 915-7298

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