Palos Verdes Estates Residential – One-of-a-Kind

Residential Window Tinting

This spectacular piece of real estate, in Palos Verdes Estates, California is truly a one-of-a-kind.      The property was built when the local building codes were not as restrictive as they are now.

The glass is so awesome in size and proportioned so perfectly that the view is absolutely uncompromised. This is truly one of the best homes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, based on unobstructed views.

This house can never be torn down or extremely remodeled. Why? Because the glass and windows would never be allowed to be replaced to the original design based on the newer building codes, therefore losing a significant percentage of the actual viewing space.

Our customer, who was the homeowner, was not only an informed consumer but family members were also in the construction industry, especially her brother who was a construction manager. It took us approximately three months of intensive negotiating to seal the deal.

This was vital when doing the bid process. The wrong film selection would have compromised the multi-million dollar views and most importantly, it could of also created glass breakage due to the excessive western heat exposure.

Only high-performance window film was to be selected. No blinds, shades, and or curtains were even an option.

EPIC Glass Tinting bid against a 3M dealer The job originally had 3M installed which had turned purple and delaminated, requiring an excessive film removal. So it didn’t make any sense for the customer to choose the same brand again after such a failure.

The 3M dealer never left speck samples so it made it difficult for the customer to compare our Panorama specks to the 3M specks. 3M made it hard to locate this data. 3M had no data on their USA website, we had to dig deep and finally found it on their European website. This proves that their window film products are low-end. Based on outdated technology and supply chain manufacturing.

After comparing the two different brands and lines the client hands-down awarded us the contract. We specked in Panorama slate 30 which is a high-performance dual reflective window film that allows excellent day time and evening viewing through the glass without distorting the fantastic view.

Removal of the old 3M film was also challenging due to the fact that we didn’t want to damage the glass and leave any contamination on the glass when applying the new Panorama window film. We succeeded in accomplishing a perfect punch-list from the customer and shortly after that project, they sold the crows nest for a large undisclosed amount.   California Contractor License 980257  (831) 915-7298

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